15 Scariest Horror Films You Can Watch In Less Than 20 Minutes

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You must be thinking only a 2 hours Hollywood movie can make you scary. But you will consider yourself wrong after watching these short scariest horror films. For best result, I suggest connecting your earphones too, the volume up, and switch off the lights. Just only if you are strong enough.

1. Bedfellows – 2 minutes

A lady wakes to the sound of her telephone ringing, and what she finds is really you must watch.

2. Vicious – 12 minutes

A lady reached home late one night and then she find her front door open. What next happened with her just stay with this 12min video.

3. Unknown Number – 7 minutes

It’s late in the night, and a young lady is getting serious calls from an unknown number. Later she found she is not alone.

4. The Smiling Man – 7 minutes

A little kid, home alone, meet with evil face to face.

5. Night Nancy – 4 minutes

When a young lady is woken up by an instant message, she finds some person has been taking photos of her while she rested.

6. The Cop Cam – 2 minutes

A cop reacts to a call at a surrendered house, and the cop camera gets what is found when the officer arrives.

7. Mr. Creak – 3 minutes

What it’s around: A lady finds startling messages in an old toy house, recounting the rhyme of Mr Creak.

8. Victim – 14 minutes

{Out for a run, a kid sees a tall, pale figure in a suit. Over the next days, the figures continue returning. In view of the story of Slender Man.

9.Clickbait – 4 minutes

A young lady is browsing the web, Unknowingly that what she taps on could have certain outcomes for more than simply her PC.

10. Passenger – 3 minutes

What it’s around: A driver pick into a peaceful street, believing it’s the ideal place to rest for the night. That is until he wakes to the sound of a thumping behind him.

11. Downstairs – 17 minutes

another security watch working the night shift is left straightforward directions by an associate: Do not go the first floor.

12. Attic Panic – 2 minutes

A lady discovers that there’s more than simply exhaust takes care of in the loft.

13. Charlie – 16 minutes

Just watch it.

14. Rake – 14 minutes

A gathering of friends are enjoying nature in the desert after their graduation, however a monster is resolved to destroying their festivals.

15. Occupied – 5 minutes

A person working a late move takes a washroom break, which ends up being a long way from resting.

So how was your experience of these scariest horror films? Do let me know in the comment section and also share if you have any short scary movies. 🙂

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