Interesting And Unbelievable Facts About WhatsApp

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When you hear the term “ Mobile Messaging ”, what comes to your mind first? “ Whatsapp ”, isn’t it? Whatsapp is a cross-platform messaging app which uses internet, through which we can send images, videos, audios, location, documents and text messages to anyone, anywhere around the world without having anything to pay for.

You just need to install Whatsapp in your smartphone and register your mobile number. It has transformed the field of messaging and chatting over mobile. It is the most commonly used messaging app at present. It’s simplicity and ease of use has made it so popular. It is simple, fast and reliable.

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Here are some interesting and unbelievable facts to know about your favourite messaging app.

  1. Denied for a job by Twitter and Facebook, Brian Acton along with Jan Koum founded Whatsapp in the year 2009.
  2. Later in 2014, Facebook bought Whatsapp for $19 billion. Whatsapp now operates independently within Facebook.
  3. It had 55 employees before Facebook bought it.
  4. Over 1 billion people on every major mobile platform are using this app and more than 1 million users sign up every day.
  5. It has not spent a single money on marketing, Public relations and user acquisition.
  6. Its unique feature is that it focuses only on messaging service. It never promotes any ad, games or publicity stunt.
  7. It is one of the most downloaded apps of all times. (Currently ranking 6th )
  8. Recently in May 2016, there was a scam in which some users infected with malware in their mobiles whoever trapped into downloading a third party application “Whatsapp Gold” .
  9. As of today, its latest version is 2.16.224 in android and 2.16.7 in iOS.
  10. The new feature end to end encryption enables you to keep your messages safe between you and to whom you are sending, provide you both are using updated version. It prevents messages to fall into the wrong hands and even Whatsapp can’t read it .

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