3 Easy Ways to Reduce Stress Instantly and Effectively

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Stress can pop up in our lives any time with different levels of intensity. It may arise from a conversation, level ?or at your workplace or even due to a silly cause. No matter how it’s caused, stress can be harmful to our health. Then how can we avoid stress and what we can do to lower the level? You can do certain things which will help you to reduce stress instantly and can make you feel motivated with positive thoughts. Here are 3 easy ways to reduce stress instantly and effectively:

1. Meditate :

The best thing you can probably do to reduce your stress levels is to meditate. Look at your daily schedule and identify one or more periods of time when you can meditate. It will really help you to get ready for an awesome day ahead. Sit straight closing your eyes with both feet on the floor. Focus on some positive mantras. Go for some affirmatives. Recite those silently in your mind or even loudly. You will get peace which will help you to cope with any stressful situations. In a few days, you can even see the change. Maintaining a positive attitude and practicing positive mantras will make you experience less stress than you used to face before.

2. Laugh:

Laugh often, but in the middle of your work. Find a way to let out the stress through laughter. Ease up yourself by watching comedy videos, reading comics, or talking to someone who makes you smile. Laughter can work wonders in reduce stress instantly. It releases endorphins which improve mood and decrease levels of the body’s stress-causing hormones, cortisol and boosts brain chemicals called adrenaline. Laughing makes your nervous system feel happy. This helps in reducing stress and keeps off the stress a the workplace without taking it back to home.

3. Acupressure:

Acupressure is one of the most trusted and effective ways to reduce stress instantly. Points are present all over our body for different factors and various health conditions. These points are deeply relaxing and help to overcome anxiety, nervousness, and stress.

To reduce stress is the two acupressure points present between the eyes, in a soft spot above the nose and an another soft spot on the top of the head. By applying light pressure to these two regions for 20-30 seconds, you will help to restore a stream of energy in the body that will help you reduce stress instantly.

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