Vitamins or Minerals Which Help in Enhancing Sexual Stamina

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What’s better than spending an evening time to eat with your beloved, or preparing and cooking them a delicious meal? With the year coming to an end and in this cold evenings becoming intimate with your beloved is what you will definitely love to do. There are some foods that are identical to romance or considered a huge turn-on. They are rich in vitamins or minerals which help in enhancing sexual stamina. Some of the foods may look like something sexual. Add these aphrodisiac foods to your menu and you and your partner are sure to be in the mood for love!


enhancing sexual stamina

Oysters are classic turn-on food. They have a high zinc content which helps in producing sperm, increase testosterone and increase libido in both men and women. It believed to keep men enhancing sexual stamina in old age too. Some oysters are able to change their sex from male to female and vice versa, so it regarded that eating oysters cam make you feel both the masculine and feminine sides of love.


enhancing sexual stamina

Bananas are rich in Vitamin E, magnesium, and an enzyme call Bromelain, which increases male impulse and improves male performance.


enhancing sexual stamina

Chocolate is the natural aphrodisiacs. It has the properties that make you happy and feel good. Chocolate contains a healthy dose of tryptophan which increases sexual desire.It also contains phenylethylamine,a stimulant that occurs when people fall in love.It is the ‘love chemical’ that enhances the feeling of attraction.


enhancing sexual stamina

Seasonal crops of figs are related to love and fertility. An opened fig resembles the female genitalia and this is why this fruit is sexually arousing. According to Greek Mythology, it is believed that Adam and Eve covered their genitals with fig leaves.


enhancing sexual stamina

It has some reputed aphrodisiac powers. It contains the high amount of Vitamin E and minerals which increases the libido of both men and women.


enhancing sexual stamina

These are rich in Vitamin E and magnesium which supports female hormones. Also, it loaded with anti-oxidants which prevent you from diseases.


enhancing sexual stamina

Honey is one of the another food that regarded as a strong aphrodisiac. It is rich in vitamin B which required for testosterone. It is also a source of mineral boron, which is a mineral trace that assists the body in using and metabolizing estrogen which is the female sexual hormone and improves testosterone levels in the blood.

These are rich in vitamins which help in enhancing sexual stamina. Try these foods with your partner and you are going to have an awesome time after that. Get ready for the action.

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