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We all believe in both science and God. Everything on this planet exists science explained to us why these things exist and what actually they are. But there are some things science still can’t find the exact answer. Let’s discuss these 7 unsolved theories of Science.

1. How our memory stored and how we recall them?

Unsolved Theories of Science

The neurologist has found some facts that, it is all because of the physical changes in our brain network and neurons. But they don’t completely understand how these neurons and brain network hold the memories. Science is still in research that how our brain recalls a small thing from our past. It is still unsolved.

2. Why do we yawn?

Unsolved Theories of Science

An average person yawns almost 250K times in their life span. But this is still a mystery for scientist why it happens. Recent research says that it helps the brain to boost performance more. But still, there is no strong theory which proves this true.

3. Why we all dream?

Unsolved Theories of Science

Before modern civilization people used to believe that dream is the gate between our soul and God. Later this was declined by the scientific theory. Whereas it is popularly agreed that dreams help us to maintain our emotions. Yet this question has no actual answer so it is still unsolved.

4. God is true or not?

Unsolved Theories of Science

We know that science has estimated 13.7 billion years ago the big bang happened and this big universe created. But still, science can.t find why exactly the bing bang occurred and what was the reason behind it. Science still in researching that how the first living thing grew. So when it beyond the science one question comes to all of our minds, is there anyone who created all of this. All the impossible things then we feel and believe about God.

5. What is universe made of?

Unsolved Theories of Science

Everything that we see around us is only 5% of the universe but the rest 95% is still unsolved by astronomers. From last 80 years, scientists are researching on it and trying to know more about the universe.

6. What about ghosts, do they exist?

Unsolved Theories of Science

Ghost is a theory which has been from centuries. Thousands of photos, videos, eyewitness individuals, but yet no scientific evidence proof that ghosts are actual.

7 . What happens after we die?

Unsolved Theories of Science

Science has proven there are two types of death. Clinical and biological. Clinical where the heart stops beating and biological where our all organs stop working. But what happen when we die is still a big mystery for science. So many theories are coming but science still not sure or reach to an exact answer to it.

After my article, I believe you started researching more about it online. Which is actually great, Exploring and gaining more knowledge only can let us know more and believe. Hope you admire this short article about unsolved theories by Science. Thank you.

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