10 Unsolved Secrets of The Brain You Never Knew

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Do you ever realize why do we sleep, why do we dream, how do we think and why we are smart? It is all because of our brain. Yes, we are going to discuss 10 unsolved secrets of the brain that you never knew.

1. Why do we dream?

Secrets of The Brain

Until recently, dreams were assumed to be meaningful visions. However, the results of hundreds of studies have shown that people across different cultures actually dream about similar things. This suggests that dreams are the results of an adaptive mechanism. Scientists think that we dream in order to mentally practice avoiding threatening situations during the day. This reflects the fact that men tend to dream about aggressive interaction with other men, while women dream about verbal interactions with men and women.

2. What are emotions?

Secrets of The Brain

Emotions are physical responses to arousing events. These include an increased heartbeat when scared, or tense muscles when angry. How our brain corresponds to emotions has fascinated scientist for years. They have determined that our feelings are based on the activity of nerves cells and neurons, involving multiple areas of the brain. This suggests that our emotions are largely governed by our unconscious mind.

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3. What is intelligence?

Secrets of The Brain

Researchers do not know what intelligence means in a biological sense, or how it can be measured. However, recent experiments have suggested that intelligence is determined by a network of regions across both sides of the brain and the connections between them. It is thought that intelligence is a combination of a process in the brain. Such as memory the ability to understand new information and the ability to make a connection between facts.

4. What is consciousness

Secrets of The Brain

Consciousness is our subjective awareness, which gives us our sense of self. Wel neuroscientists are aware that the brain computers information using interaction neurons. It is still a mystery how the brain becomes aware of the information that it has processed. Firstly the brain uses a method known as attention to focus its processing on only a few items at a time. Secondly, the brain uses this information to make predictions about future events and plan actions.

5. How does the brain synchronize signals?

Secrets of The Brain

The brain works synchronize incoming signals, despite them being processed at very different speeds. For example, when watching someone snap their fingers, the sound of the snap is processed faster than we visual system can see it. Yet both the sound and sign of the action appear to occur simultaneously. Similarly when we blink, instead of seeing darkness, our brain maintains the continuity of vision, as if the blink never happened. The scientist believes that gaining an insight into how the brain solves timing problems could help remedy when this calibration goes wrong. Such as in the brains of people suffering from dyslexia.

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6. Why do we sleep?

Secrets of The Brain

We spend around a third of our lives sleeping, but science isn’t completely sure why. The most common theory is that we sleep so that our brains can filter through the events of the day. During the day, as we gain new experiences our brain cells build connections with other parts of the brain. Researchers theorized that during sleep the brain strengthens the important connections made during the day, while the unimportant ones are cut.

7. Why did our brains evolve?

Secrets of The Brain

While the size of other ape brains has remained consistent, over the last 7 million years the human brain has tripled in size. Leading to the modern human brain developing 200,000 years ago. But scientists theorize that once humans became smart enough to innovate and lead smart lifestyle this, in turn, led to future brain expansion. It is believed that a combination of eating cooked food, developing culture and technology social relationships and useful mutated genes led to the existence of the modern human brain.

8. How are memory stored and retrieved?

Secrets of The Brain

When we learn a new fact, physical changes can be observed in the structure of the brain. However, the brain;s neurons retain knowledge and are able to recall it decades later is not fully understood.

9. How does personality develop?


Our personalities are unique to ourselves. Even identical twins who grow up in the same environment develop distinct characteristics. Leading scientists to question how the biology of the brain influences personalities. Over time this reshaped our brains and molded our personalities.

10. Do we have free will?

Secrets of The Brain

Our sense of free will may be an illusion. Study involved participants moving their arms spontaneously, and then charting the exact time that they made the decision to move their arms. However, electrodes placed on the participants scalps revealed that electrical changes in their brains were detected. Before the participants were subjectively aware that they had made the decision. This study suggests that the unconscious brain makes decisions for us and we actually become aware after the event.

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