Things to Expect When You’re Moving Together

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1. It’s nothing like a roommate

Well, it’s completely different chapter sharing a room with your special one. Sharing a room with your special one is way different than with a friend or a stranger. Because you both are expecting something from each other. Here comes the toughest part to understand your partner. Think about your dating days when you both dressed properly. Shaved well or shaved your legs to impress your partner. This is going to an end, you are not any more that guy or girl. Because all your secrets will come out. So be ready to share your everything if you’re moving together.

2. Communication becomes even more important

You both need to talk about everything. You both can talk about everything. Discuss your lunch to the dinner menu. What to eat, what to wear and where to go. You should talk about your future, family planning, holidays and much more. Make sure you both ask each other’s days. You should talk about bigger stuff and also small things. You also talk about household labor, how the bills will get paid. Talk about anything and don’t hesitate to ask your partner’s opinion. If you’re moving together you can talk everything. But make sure you both know how to communicate well. Talk whether you want a pet or a car or anything. But the most important part doesn’t bottle up your feelings. Just talk as much as you can. Because if yo don’t talk with each other then there will be a communication gap and this may affect your relationship. If you’re moving together the best practice is to talk about everything.

3. both of you’re mad about something

There be times when one or both of you may feel low about something that has nothing to do with your relationship. and you know you can’t help yourself. It’s just that you don’t want to share it with your partner. Sometimes time meets you to some bad situation which makes you feel low. You don’t want to be cheered up, you just want to spend some alone time. I suggest you if you face such situation just go for some alone quality time or leave your partner alone. Don’t keep asking over and over, because it may annoy them. It’s better to go and chill somewhere, make yourself feel better and then come back. If you are moving together, you must understand the personal space of somebody.

4. You’ll argue for sure

If you’re moving together then you should definitely fight. Well, you really never had fought before, but we will definitely fight after moving together. Moving together is a huge decision. You will be adjusting your life with someone and fight on little things or silly stuff. So don’t be scared. Just be ready to tackle the situation. It’s unavoidable that you’ll argue. You maybe think that you’ll argue on how much you love each other or wedding details or about the happiness of your love life. You can’t be happy always. Maybe fighting over remote. Mostly you will fight on stupid things, like who’s gonna clean the kitchen. So don’t get disappointed. There is a deep love of every fight. So, it’s not a big deal and you just need to know how to communicate well. The best way out is to listen and then say your point to avoid such fights.

5. You have to apologize for sometimes

There will be times when you say something stupid, or do something silly or jump into an awkward situation and then you have to apologize. Sometimes you may be wrong or may not be but you still have to apologize. But don’t forget to apologize if you’re wrong. If you’re moving together you have to apologize sometimes to balance your equation with your partner.

So I have discussed some major points on moving together. I know these points sound little hard to hear but this is the fact. More or less you gotta to understand and compromise sometimes to hold on your relationship.
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