Protect your Skin from Chemicals of Swimming Pool

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Summer just around the corner, talking about how to stay cool. Summers are all about shorts, frozen yogurts, glowing skin, and swimming. It is like relaxing therapy for mind and it is an awesome full-body exercise. It drops our body temperature and keeps us refreshed.

But the main thing to worry is about the freshness of the swimming pool. One needs to be very concerned about their skin and hair. The chlorinated water leads to several serious disorders of skin and hair.

So here are some tips on how to protect yourself from the chemicals and enjoy your swimming.

  • Apply some olive oil or baby oil before getting inside the pool for. It acts as a chemical and physical restriction bacteria and viruses reach the skin.
  • Apply a good waterproof sunscreen both on all parts of the body and those unexposed parts too. It will help you prevent tanning.
  • Take a cold water shower before swimming. Avoid hot water as it will help in opening the skin swelling which will lead to chlorine getting inside those swelling.
  • Do not take any meal an hour before you swim. The chlorinated water may react with food which leads to the stomach infection.
  • Drink lots of water before going into the pool. A nourished skin absorbs less water.The more you drink,the less chlorinated water it absorbs.
  • Avoid indoor swimming. It may cause more respiratory and digestive suffering than outdoor ones. The chlorine floats just above the water with nowhere to escape.
  • Use a hair cap, It will help your hair not getting much exposed to the chemical treated water.
    Get a shower after enjoying your session. Use soap to wash off your body soaked in chlorinated water.
  • Pat yourself well with a towel after taking your bath. Let your body dry completely. Wearing any clothes in the wet body leads to skin irritation and causes rashes.
  • Vitamin C neutralizes the chlorine. If possible spray a vitamin C solution on your hair and skin afterwards or else you can use some home remedies by applying lemon, curd or raw milk. It will help in lightening the effect of tanning .

With these skin and hair care, there is no reason to ruin the fun of swimming by avoiding swimming pools. Swimming is really enjoyable.
So what are you waiting for now ? Go Go Go !!! Happy Swimming. 🙂

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