10 Steps You Need to Follow to Take Some Stunning Pictures

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Whether you are an experienced photographer or just a beginner, it doesn’t matter much. All that matters is taking stunning pictures with your camera. So some basic steps you need to know before start clicking or get on with clicking.

Here, there are 10 steps you need to follow to take some stunning pictures.

1. Know your camera :

An SLR camera is different as that of a pocket-sized simple camera. You would prefer not to change the settings randomly without giving it much thought. Go through the user’s manual, take some pictures and know how a camera functions before going for a shoot.

2. Turn your camera around:

Outline your shots in portrait and landscape mode. A decent tip is to take some in portrait mode. But if you are trying a capture a natural object then go for landscape mode.

3. Outline your shots:

Carefully notice everything that’s in the frame, particularly the background. It’s of no use if you include a background that has nothing to add to the object’s charm. Capture cautiously adding the background evenly all over the picture.

4. Try different angles:

Don’t simply take shots from a standing position.It’s not always about a different background. You can click from a height to add ground or from down the ground to include the sky in the frame. But if you are clicking a person, try to click from person’s eye level.

5. Move it from the middle:

The middle of your picture is not always the best place for your subject. Pictures are usually more interesting when an object is not in the center.It shows your photography skills as well as your ideas to capture some more beauties in a single frame. Try rule of thirds when focusing your subject.

6. Get closer to the object:

Getting close to the object can show the detailed part of a particular area.It may be the face of a person or a closer look at the expression when you are capturing candid shots. .Using a good zoom lens can do it for you without moving much.But don’t zoom it more unless the picture will be blurred.

7. Get off the automatic:

Automatic mode is advisable for beginners,but once you start clicking lots of images try to change the settings. It will give you some really awesome images.Go for blurring the background keeping object focused or else any innovative idea that can make a picture worth looking at.

8. Use flash:

Bright sunlight sometimes creates facial shadows. You can eliminate the shadows by using your flash to lighten the face. While taking pictures on sunny days, turn your flash on.If the person is at a shorter distance go for fill flash mode else for long range go fro full power mode.

9. Keep your hands steady:

Keep your hands steady while clicking a picture.You may have framed a perfect picture to be clicked but while pushing down on the shutter release if you tremble a bit the picture will get blurred. Keep your elbows in and your position wide to give you balance or else go for a tripod.

10. Enjoy:

Photography is fun but doesn’t forget to enjoy the moment.You never get a second chance to click a happening moment. So don’t make it a mess. Get ready with a single setting and go on clicking instead of changing the settings more often.

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