Space MYTHS You Still Believe And Unusual Space Facts

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Space the most mysterious thing to us. Science is known more about it now than ever before but unless you are an astronomer or Astrophysicist chances are you are never updated what you taught as a kid. That’s right many of the things that you have been taught about space myths you have been believing your whole life are in fact wrong. These are the myths you still believe. Here I’m going to explain all about the truth behind the commonly believe myths and now we are going to discuss the topic which is out of this world. So prepare to learn many of the things you believe your whole life about space myths.

1. Earth and Venus are identical twins.

Space MYTHS AND Unusual Space Facts

Let’s start with a pretty common one the idea that has been planted in our mind about the venus the second planet from the sun is an earth exact twin. Well as it turns out venus isn’t blue or green in color despite school’s science subject we taught. Instead it actually a color mix of gray, brown and yellows. This misconception is because of the planet incredibly thick atmosphere that reflects 60% of the sun’s light high raising sulfuric acid stone that loved the second. Additionally very little of venus’s surface is not covered with lava flows so yeah it’s hot. Pretty hot then you think.

2. Meteorites are hot.

Space MYTHS AND Unusual Space Facts

Movies and books are the main sources of this myth. In fact, it said that if you touch freshly fallen Meteorite, you should avoid the contacts with it as it will burn you however since these rocks have been floating through space from billions of years the only actually a few degrees warmer than absolute zero before fallen. And yes entering the atmosphere of the earth does hit objects up the temperature difference between absolute zero.

3. The sun is yellow.

Space MYTHS AND Unusual Space Facts

Here is a pretty simple one what color is the sun. Well if you are like most of the population you answered yellow or like orange or some other colors related to hit. But the reality is only we think the big star is yellow because of the light reflected the earth atmosphere. That’s right the sun is actually white and we have two clear pieces of evidence that prove this. First when something burns hot as the sun does then it burns purely white. And of course the astronauts that have sent up for the various reasons have taken a quick pic and they have told us actually it is white.

4. Black holes are super vacuums.

Space MYTHS AND Unusual Space Facts

The scariest thing you can counter in space that the black hole is a super vacuum. The myth claims that once a black hole is formed everything nearby it get stuck into it and destroy. No matter where it goes when it enters the black hole it is still a mystery. But the gravitation force of the dead stars is same as same as it was burning bright. Thus if our sun becomes a black hole today then we are frozen to death and but other than that we along with everything that around us will simply continue to circle the lightness body roughly till the end of the time.

5. The dark side of the moon.

Space MYTHS AND Unusual Space Facts

Whether you enjoyed the pink Floyd album or the transformer movies. Well some of them have mentioned the dark side of the moon likely know what exactly they were talking about. The claim is that there is a side of the moon that forever in darkness. People believe this because we always see the same due to it;s orbit it spins. However, the truth is unless there are lunar or eclipse the sun definitely does hit all side of the moon within one earth day. Meaning that I’m sorry to say there is the dark side of the moon like your movie pictured.

6. The sound in space.

Space MYTHS AND Unusual Space Facts

In movies, space battle is amazing and cool, happens many explosion. But they do one thing very wrong and that is the audio. You see sounds and vibration are carried through the air or the other medium to reach the ear. Space is, of course, a vacuum. Which means there is nothing to carry noise. Now we can’t say that there is any sound in space at all it just means that when there is there must be a channel for the sound to travel along. Interesting bonus fact is that your voice will sound much higher on mars due to it’s atmosphere. Which means if you scream in space nobody gonna hear you. ūüôā

If you have any interesting and unusual facts about space do share it with us in below comments. And hope you liked the above space myths. Thank you.

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