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It is truly said, “An empty mind is devil’s workshop” .Our mind becomes empty when we are alone with nothing to do. We just sit idle and all the weird things comes to our mind. Even after getting sick of all those social networking sites we just wonder what can we do. We even find internet boring. Checking emails, logging into facebook, tweeting something trending then we find these boring too.

Now you don’t need to wonder anymore. Here are some awesome ideas which you can do over the internet that will kill your time and help you relax. You will love these.

  • Play games online. There are lots of gaming sites available which offer you to play free games and you can even play those with random players anywhere around the world.
  • Edit your pictures. Use various editing sites to give a new look to your old pictures. You can even use photoshop .
  • Learn some magic tricks. You can learn some easy magic tricks and can watch magic videos on YouTube. Show your talent in front of ur siblings, kids, and cousins and get appreciated.
  • Read something interesting. There are lots of interesting facts which we can’t even imagine. We don’t even know 20% of the interesting facts that exists.
  • Learn something new. Try anything you want to learn. It may be cooking, a new language, how to read palms, matchmaking or anything that can help you to kill your time and to make people around you friendly.
  • Download some songs. You have no idea about some songs or the music that can sweep you off your feet. Try searching those. Make a new playlist and play those when you are on the go.
  • Try something cool. Lots of clothing sites with heavy discounts every other day can make you more fashionable. Search something you want or anything that looks cool. It will definitely kill your time as well as money. (just kidding)
  • Start your blog. Sometimes you want to write your heart out. But we never. Note those feelings in your blog and you can read it in your free time. Write whatever you want to write.
  • Go back to the past. We want to know what things were like before our birth. Search those stuff in Google and you can get a clear idea.
  • Plan your future too. The time alone is the best time we can get to plan anything. So search for the options you want and plan everything you want to do in future.

These are the ways you can avoid being bored when you are alone. Once you follow these ideas you will try those in your day to day life and can never make you feel alone. You will be busy living your own life truly. So sign out your social networking accounts for a little while.

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