Signs That Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

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Hey all, hopefully, you just reading this article just because you are curious and hopefully these are not the facts you think your girlfriend is cheating on you. And if these are the cases you are facing then I’m sorry you are going through it. It feels like your heart has completely ripped over. So how exactly you know that your girlfriend is cheating on you. Now you might have been doing some research on online, youtube videos or lots of blogs and different article and many different points of views. But I’m going to tell you three key important part you need to pay attention to see if your girl is actually cheating on you. Not only that we are going to discuss how you can prevent this in your future.

1. Verbal


Verbal means how much she is communicating with you? You know a lot of relationships going down hell or the girl is cheating on you then possibility is the girl is not talking you much. She is not asking you about your days, she is not texting you non-stop like she used to. The verbal communication may just die. Which are the basic necessity of relationships? Look I’m not talking here about she should talk to you all day and all night. But if she is not asking you how was your day, what’s your plan for tomorrow, or saying love you has been slowing down. Then your girlfriend is cheating on you and dating someone else. So pay attention to the verbal part how much she is communicating with you about you and also about her.

2. Physical


Now this is a really important part. And here I’m going to tell two parts of her being physical with you. One is her physical presence, where is she? Like is she hanging out with her friends a lot or maybe she is working late? Is she always away and she is not spending time wit you. Making excuses not to hang out with you. You have to pay attention to all of this. So if she is not around you then there may be a possibility that she is seeking that attention and love from someone else. Or maybe this is just the relationship problem and she doesn’t want to hang out with you anymore.

Now this is the second part of being physical. You need to guess by yourself that the girl you are dating. Is she kissing you? Is she touching you? Is she feeling the same she used to?

So after all these what you supposed to do. There is never 100% sure that your girlfriend is cheating on you unless she admits or you caught her being with someone else. So why don’t you just put it together, Man up and sit her down and communicate with her and say to her that

“I think you are cheating on me, I think something is going on. If this is not then I feel there is something wrong in our relationship and I really want to talk about it.”

Or if you think this will be kind of rude then you can simply ask her,

“Hey something is wrong I really need to talk about us”.

Now let’s talk about prevention:


So I really want you to know how to prevent yourself from someone is cheating on you. I think you can prevent it and it’s actually possible. How are you going to do that? By constantly seducing her the way you seduced her when you guys started dating each other. So all you need to do is to constantly work to reattract your partner because of attraction kind of fade over time. So if you are re-seducing her then it is easier to keep that connection alive. So you must be thinking what I mean by re-seducing her? I mean you should always flirt with her, always teasing her, always be grabbing her and kissing her, alway working on how you can make her feel good. And lastly, focus on relationship not only focusing on yourself.

This is just my general views. Hopefully, it helps you to understand what you really need to do when your girlfriend is cheating on you or to just prevent it. Thank you.

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