Clicking a Selfie? You Need to Check This Out

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Clicking selfie has become an obsession.Every second thousand of selfies are being uploaded on different social networking sites.You too may be a selfie lover or may even sometimes click a selfie alone or with friends.Here are some unavoidable tips to get a perfect selfie and a picture which will stand out in a crowd.

1. Tilt your head:

Posting for a perfect selfie you need to tilt your head to left or right.Clicking from an angle will highlight your cheeks, give you a pointed chin and make your eyes look bigger as compared to a straight-on face selfie. Moreover tilting your head will make you look even more beautiful and attract your opposite sex.

2. Light:

It is the most important factor while taking a photograph. Look for a good source of light for a clear selfie. Avoid light source from above or behind your face else it will make the background white out. Facing towards a soft and spread out light will give a clear selfie avoiding shadows and marks on your face.Normally the best time to click is just after sunrise and just before sunset.

3. Background:

Background holds the key to your selfie. A perfectly shot selfie with a terrible background will never fetch you more likes.The focus will get diverted to the background.A decent background or a background matching your dress will bring the focus completely onto you.It even indicates the excitement in your life.

4. Cropping:

You have this amazing feature to avoid the background.You have clicked a selfie but you don’t like the background ,here you can just crop your image for an close up.Zoom in the pic and check how it looks ,then crop the area you want to keep and discard the surrounding.

5. Use selfie sticks:

Tapping on the screen holding your phone for selfie may distort your face and your face may look huge and wider.Even your extended arm may look odd too. Using a selfie stick for a picture will definitely give you clear and awesome selfies as well as it can give a large area of background to capture.You can adjust the distance you need and can easily check from all the angles and position to get a masterpiece.

6. Click multiple snaps:

Have choices to choose from.Professional photographers even click a number of snaps and use the best one.Clicking several snaps will give a perfect shot in one of the many and will give you many options to select the best one.

7. Express yourself:

Avoid being camera conscious.Don’t try to copy a pose exactly or pose artificially .Just express yourself to the fullest.Smile,laugh ,make childish faces or anything you like.It will give the best shot in return.

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