8 Secret Countries You Didn’t Know Actually Existed

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Here are 8 Secret Countries you must know about and the hidden truth behind it.

The Republic of Lakotah

Secret Countries

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Most people would not believe that there is a country size of Syria is present in the middle of United state of America. But the inhabitants of the republic ok Lakota would argue that there is. Stretching over 1600 kilometers Lakotah is the homeland of the Lakota Sioux an ancient tribe who lived there long before the European colonial settlers. In 1868 the America government signed the Treaty of Laramie, giving the Lakota Sioux the rights to the land. However, in the 1870s the govt apparently forgot this promise when they allowed thousands of miners to swarm to the land with the promise of gold. Today the Lakota still consider themselves an independent state, and they are fighting for international recognition.



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Transnistria has its own President, parliament currency, and army, it even won a war of independence in 1992. Yet some people still argue that it’s part of Moldova. In 1990 Moldova broke away from the USSR. This was a decision that Transnistria a thin strip of land on the border of Moldova and Ukraine, didn’t agree with. Transnistria with its population of more than 500,000, still felt a strong allegiance to Russia. They wished to declare themselves a socialist republic and remain part of the USSR and so they fought a war to achieve this.


Secret Countries

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Located between Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Angola Barotseland is home to a unified group of diverse tribes. Historically the region used to be an independent nation, but it incorporated into Zambia in 1964. Its current claim for independence comes from the idea that it incorporated into Zambia under false pretenses. As 1964 treaty between the two peoples had promised autonomy to Barotseland that it did not receive instead, Barotseland was just treated like any other province. After years of rising tensions, the Barotseland National Council retaliated by declaring its independence from Zambia in March 2012. If it were to become internationally recognized this would make Barotseland the world’s youngest nation state.


Secret Countries

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Chinland whose territories originally included parts of Myanmar, Bangladesh, and India, is home to around 1.5 million people. They consist of six major unique ethnic groups who speak a total of 20 languages. When the British Empire began to decline during the 1940s, Chinland was unofficially swallowed up into what was then called Burma. In march 1988 the Chin National Front established in reaction t the fact that, in its current state. The Chin people didn’t have any exclusive rights, despite having their own leaders and National Day.

Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic

Secret Countries

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Located in western Sahara in Africa, the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, also known as the Saharan Arab Democratic Republic, declared independence in 1976. Almost the third of the countries in the UN recognize the state but the rest still consider it part of Morocco. For an almost century the region had been a Spanish colony, until Spain withdrew in 1976 and things just got a little complicated. Morocco, Mauritania and the indigenous inhabitants of western Sahara all lay claim to the territory, leading to a bitter conflict. In 1979 Mauritania abandoned its claim, but Morocco remains stubborn.


Secret Countries

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You would think that having a distinct ethnic population, historically defined boundaries, a separate military, a government, a national bank and it’s own passports would be enough for a region to gain ‘country’ status, but this isn’t the case for Abkhazia. At the beginning of the 11th century, Abkhazia was very much its own country, only to then subsumed into Georgia and then, centuries later, the USSR. When the USSR collapsed in 1991 things got a bit confusing Abkhazia declared a return to their medieval borders, winning a war of independence against Georgia in 1993.

Nagorno-Karabakh Republic

Secret Countries

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The Nagorno-Karabakh Republic is yet another region whose country status has been utterly complicated by the messy dissolution of the Soviet Union. Following the 1991 collapse of the USSR, Nagorno-Karabakh Republic became the central focus of the war between Azerbaijan, the country that completely surrounds it, and the region’s ethnic Armenian majority.


Secret Countries

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A vast province that makes up 44% of Pakistan, Balochistan is a region that has clouded with turmoil for well over half a century. Baloch nationalist argue that the province is actually an independent nation even collaborating August 11th, 1947 as their independence day. They assert that on this day towards the end of British rule in Pakistan the British gave Balochistan autonomy only for Pakistan to overturn this decision, illegally annexing the region less than a year later.

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