Pre Pregnancy Planning | Health Tips For Pregnant Women

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Whenever you are in a decision not to have a baby, while having intercourse you are scared that just a little mistake can get you or your wife pregnant. But when you have actually decided to have a baby, it’s never that fast and easy becoming a parent.

Here are some effective tips on getting pregnant healthily.

  • Both of you i.e husband and wife need to be checked first. Take care of infections and overcome the deficiencies if anyone is having.
  • Consult your doctor to find out whether you’re in your perfect shape and know what changes will help.
  • When you’re trying to conceive, eat healthy foods, maintain a perfect weight, exercise regularly and skip all the bad habits(drinking or smoking).
  • The would-be mother needs to start taking supplements rich in iron, zinc, calcium and folic acid, which prevents birth defects.
  • Know when you ovulate. Monitor your ovulation. It is the best chance of getting pregnant.
  • Mark your BBT (Body Basal Temperature ). By charting your BBT you can find out when you ovulate.
  • You can have intercourse during fertile days i.e is usually three days before ovulation. If you are unaware of fertile days then you can have intercourse every other day.
  • Except for some fertility problems or some other issues a woman can get pregnant within first six months, if not, then immediately make an appointment with a gynecologist.
  • Choose your intercourse positions. Avoid woman on top and never on standing position.
  • Never make intercourse sessions a task. Enjoy yourselves while doing it.

These are some simple and easy tips to follow to get pregnant. Follow them and you will be a parent in no time at all.

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