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“Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever”
Change is the law of life. We cannot avoid changes. But we can act accordingly and prepare ourselves for it. Here we are going to discuss self- change. We need to change too, to be more productive and achieving our goals. So we give you 5 simple rules to follow which can change your life forever…..

1. What do you want from life:

Search for your meaning in life. What you really want and what is important for you? Spend some time alone and note down the things you want to achieve in your life. Plan accordingly and it will set the right path for you. Without any meaning, your rest of the life may pass wandering without any goals and targets.

2. Live in the present:

We all have our pasts. They are just stories now. You cannot change your past. So stop regretting what you did or what you could not do. It only spoils your present and future. The most powerful thing you have control over is the moment you are in now. So take lessons from the past but don’t get stuck there. Regrets will just hold you back in your life. Plan well and move ahead.

3. Face your fears:

Fears are just thoughts in your minds which are actually more frightening than reality. We imagine it in a more horrifying way so they start controlling us. Fears prevent us from enjoying our lives. They are like dark clouds which stay inside our heads leaving us worried and stressful.
So facing the fear and realizing actually it is not so complicated as we think can change our perspective of life.

4. Learn every day:

You are never too old to learn something new. We learn something each and every day. With some new learning, we get some more knowledge and that leads to making us more confident. Learning can make us more creative and sharpens our mind. Reading books, journals, surfing the internet, learning something new can really change our lives and make us more successful.

5. Surround yourself with Right people:

“Spend time with people who are more successful than you”.
Our mind learns what we listen. Be around people from whom you can learn. Being among good people, we learn good things from them and applying those in our lives can make a drastic positive change. Spend time with people who appreciate you and inspire you. Follow them and notice how they do things. You will get benefited.

The only thing that can change your life is YOU. Accept as you are,love yourself and do whatever your heart feels good. Sometimes you may face hurdles but get going. Don’t stop until you reach your target. Then only you can live the life you wanted to be in.

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