Pokemon go has finally launched in India

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Finally, the wait is over for all Pokemon go lovers. Pokemon go has already launched on 14th of December. Niantic partners with reliance Jio to promote Pokemon go in India. All the reliance outlets will become visible as poke stops or gym.

In the month of Christmas, Santa Claus has finally sent Pokemon to go to India. All the Pokemon go lovers in India are on cloud nine. All the boys and girls are very excited as the game is now available in India. After five months of its official launch, Niantic and reliance Jio partnership made this possible.

While many of you have bored of the magic of Pokemon go, a new fresh group of players is just about to begin. Niantic developers have announced that the expanded reality mobile game is finally available in south Asia. People in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, and Pakistan can download the game from both play store and apple’s app store.

Pokemon go craze is fading away. There was a period after its launch in July when the Internet was active with news of people rushing for Pokémon. We all have heard various stories of road accidents because of Pokemon go. The whole world was in a panic. Now the craze has died among youngsters. Niantic has organized several events to make people understand better about the game.

It is an extended reality game that lets you grab little creatures that pop on your phone when you’re at a particular physical location. This game will ask you to walk around the streets of your city. While walking, Pokemon keeps appearing and you gotta collect them. Then you have to train your Pokemon away and restrain against other players. It has some impressive mapping tech from google maps to play the game in a better way. And the best part of the game is you have to walk and then only you can collect Pokemon.

More or less Pokemon go has created a craze in youngsters. So if you want to play Pokemon go, you don’t need any FLY GPS app to play it. You just need to go to the play store and download Pokemon go and enjoy your game. But, I tell you one thing play safe. Don’t be mad with the game.

well, that’s a wrap. for more information about games and tech, you can check our tech section. Thank you. play safe and stay safe.

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