Natural ways to protect your face from getting pimples

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Getting pimples are normal. You don’t have to worry about it. Pimples are just an impression of skin aggravation that results from a contamination of the oil delivering organs in the skin that influences everyone of us at some time. Pimples sometimes are seen when we take too much stress, or may be due to some hormonal disorder. Having them is distressing and also humiliating.

Many people trust that utilizing dangerous chemicals, doctor directed skin peels and laser medicines are the most ideal approach to treat pimples. Sometimes it may aggravate the area of pimple, making it more harsh and leaving behind more number of pimples and spots. The best possible way to overcome pimples is to try natural remedies. These remedies really work amazingly and you don’t need to spend too many bucks on them.

So here are some extraordinary cures that can help you dispose of pimples sitting at home using some really good natural ways :

1. Neem Products

Neem is considered to be the best medicine for our skin since ages. It purifies our blood making our skin glow and leaving it smooth. They have the best anti bacterial property. Buy any neem powder or neem oil product. Rinse your face properly with warm water, which helps open the pores in our skin. Then apply the neem product (it may be paste or oil) to the pimple affected area. Leave them to dry so that it will penetrate into your skin destroying all the bacterias present. Use regularly to see your pimple get flatter and reduce day by day to disappear completely in 3-4 days.

2. Aloe Vera Gel

It is the next best natural way to make your skin perfect. It has a soothing effect on our skin. Apart from the anti bacterial property, it helps in lightening the skin and reducing the tan. Using aloe vera gel is the the easiet way to cleanse your face and reduce marks and any type of skin problems. It is the best product to be used in day to day life. Moreover, one can easily grow aloe vera at home and can use its extract directly.

3. Honey

It is the best known antiseptic and a natural skin purifier. It kills the bacteria in the oil glands and blocking out dirt and dust. It is the fastest healing way. Apply honey on your pimple or use it all over your face making it a mask. Leave it to dry, then wash it off with warm water. You will see the glow in your face and your pimple fading right away.

4. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is the effective remedy to get away with pimples. The citric acid helps in removing the dead cells , acting as an antiseptic and drying up excess oil present in your skin. It dries out the pimple and lets your skin whiten. If you have sensible skin, then you can add rosewater to lemon juice for drying up the harsh properties of lemon.

5. Steam

Steam is the best way to make your skin breathe. It helps in opening the pores and eliminating all the dirt. Boil water in a big container. Bring your face close to that container so that your face gets all the steam coming out. Cover yourself well so that you can get the steam for a longer period. It will make your face sweat resulting in opening all the pores in your skin. Pat your skin dry. Apply a good moisturizer so that the opened pores gets filled and making your pimple disappear.

Some daily use tips to protect your face from getting pimples :
1. Wash your hands thoroughly before using any face pack or lotion.
2. Avoid much contact of your hands with face.
3. Take a proper diet ,specially Vitamin C rich products.
4. Drink lots of water.
5. Take care of your skin effectively.
6. Do not use too many products for skin.
7. Consult dermatologist if irritation occurs.

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