World’s Tiniest Machine – Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2016

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Jean-Pierre Sauvage, Sir J. Fraser Stoddart and Bernard L. Feringa, these three researchers won the Nobel Prize( 2016 ) in Chemistry for designing and producing world’s tiniest machines, which has the potential to alter PC and energy systems,the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced on Wednesday.

The molecular machines, which are 1,000 times thinner than a strand of hair, have “taken science to another dimension” and will most likely use in the development of things such as new materials, sensors and energy storage systems,” the academy said.

In 1893, Sauvage took the first step as he linked two ring-shaped molecules together to form a chain.Then in 1991 ,Stoddart took the next step by threading a molecular ring onto a molecular axle,and then he went on to craft a molecular lift, a molecular muscle, and a molecular computer chip.He developed the molecule based computer chip with 20 kB memory.Years later in 1999, World’s first molecular motor created by Bernard L. Feringa .He developed a molecular rotor blade and made it spin in the same direction.

Sauvage,a professor emeritus at the University of Strasbourg and director of research emeritus at France’s National Center for Scientific Research, was surprised and said it’s a memorable moment for me.“I have won many prizes, but the Nobel Prize is something very special. It’s the most prestigious prize, the one most scientists don’t even dare to dream of in their wildest dreams,” he said.
Stoddart ,a professor at Northwestern University, in Evanston, Illinois, his daughter was absolutely ecstatic at this honor.

Feringa , an organic chemistry professor at the University of Groningen,Netherlands, told “I don’t know what to say,I’m a bit shocked .I am so honored and also emotional about it.”

The three scientists will share the prize amount of 8 million kronor (about $ 935,000).

This was last of this year’s science awards.The Nobel Peace Prize will be announced on Friday and economics and literature awards winners will be declared next week.

They will be awarded along with other winners on 10th December in Stockholm and Oslo. Nobel

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