6 Common Myths About Health You Still Believe

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Health is the most concern thing for everyone’s life. You hit the gym, work on a diet or sometimes health check up too. All because you just want to live healthier. Although, there are a lot of myths about health you still believe. Thus today I’m going to explain those things which you still believe and why you must avoid them. Here are they.

1. Stop eating after dinner

Myths About Health

You would find many reports online about not to eat after dinner to lose weight. Then let me tell you this is just a myth you still believe. Studies found that if you have food during the evening time then it would be helpful for health. As well as help you to lose weight. Also eating evening time is more effective than throughout the day. That doesn’t mean you have to eat junk food or unhealthy food.

2. Never skip breakfast

Myths About Health

If you want to lose weight you must never ever skip breakfast. This one is the most popular one, I guess you already knew it and following like crazy. Yes, breakfast is important to kick-start your day. But studies found that most of the healthy person go for healthy breakfast but still they go for a big lunch too. I guess you also. Skipping breakfast is not good although an excellent lunch is also necessary.

3. Eat frequent small meals

Myths About Health

Most of the people try to eat regular small meals only to get thin. But studies found that this is only possible when you are eating fewer calories. Also, it actually doesn’t make any difference in weight loss.

4. Drink cold water to lose weight

Myths About Health

Some say that if you drink cold water then you are going kill calories and lose some weight. It’s true but it will burn only about 15 to 20 calories from a glass of water. So just drinking water is not going to help you lose weight.

5. Eggs are bad

Myths About Health

Eggs are harmful to your heart. But It’s a big no. Eggs are rich in protein and it’s good to have. Unless you are not allergic to it.

6. Cold air get you cold

Myths About Health

Our parents are too much caring about us. We all have heard from them that spending more time in cold air may give us cold. But with all respect to every parent, this is a real myth. Your child is never going to have a cold if it is cold outside.

Do share your thought regarding these myths about health in below comments. Stay healthy. <3

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