5 Things to Consider While Looking For a PG Accommodation

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A large section of the population is moving to big cities for better education facilities or job opportunities. This migration has boosted up the demand for PG accommodation. This has resulted in a large growth in providing PG facilities by a huge number of landlords.

Usually, people aging between 16-30 years are the ones who mostly look for a PG accommodation. They look for a comfortable place to stay with all the basic facilities around. It is tough to search for a nice PG fulfilling all the needs you want. However here we bring you top 5 things that to consider while you are looking for a PG accommodation.


Budget is the most important criteria while selecting a perfect PG accommodation. You should look for a PG which is affordable yet comfortable. Fix your budget on how much you can spend on accommodation and finalize a few PGs. Compare between those places considering the service provided and other aspects of choosing a PG.


Go for a PG which has basic necessities such as grocery store, transport facilities, medical stores, work workplace or college etc. located nearby. Also, observe the type of environment there and the class of people staying around.

Security and safety

Another most important thing to consider while looking for accommodation is safety and security. Select a locality which has a good reputation in terms of security. Check if there are proper security guards and security measures are being taken or not. After moving in get your police verification done at the local police station.

Enquire beforehand

Never finalize without the proper know-how of the place and place owner. Consult with the existing paying guests about the place, the surrounding, other facilities provided and about the owner.

Rules and Regulations

Read all the entire documents of rules and regulations before signing the bond. Never sign blindly just by looking at few of those. Discuss all the rules and clarify all your doubts before moving in. Know about the security deposits, notice period, Guest entry, rent paying due dates and other rents well beforehand so that you don’t face any sort of problem regarding the rules during your stay.

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