2 things to know if you want to live longer

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well, we all know life is priceless. but, do we really take care of ourselves.? time to think and execute.

Never ever  give a second thought when should get a health check up again.but it’s tough to remember when you’re due for certain health check-ups. build a strong relation with your doctor has shown to enhance both your happiness and lifespan. by chance you have forgotten your regular check-ups, then it’s time to consult your doctor first.because health comes first then everything.

here, I’m going to elaborate two important things to know for better life.

vaping is dangerous

There’s an increasing number of individuals in the India and abroad that vibe e-cigarettes are as unsafe  as regular  tobacco cigarettes. before jumping to any conclusion, I must tell you vaping is like smoking minus various dangerous chemicals. vaping is an alternative to conventional cigarettes. Is vaping harmful for you?  yes, it is. but when it comes to regular cigarettes it’s better.  it doesn’t contain any amount of nicotine still it is harmful. if you want to quit smoking, then vaping might help you. but what I suggest you to quit both of these. vaping has also several effects which come late. vaping does include nicotine but there is no tobacco. it’s alike smoking but it’s odorless. it may have adverse effects on your heart and lungs. moreover, what I am trying to say is vaping is dangerous. you should quit vaping if you do.

vitamins and energy pills regulated

well, we all know excess in every case is bad. the same logic will apply here. if you take vitamin pills on a regular basis, you will become a drug addict. to avoid such problems you should stay away from vitamin pills or energy pills. a lot of vitamin pills unverified which may cause some side effects. if you’re going for any multivitamins then I suggest you take a verified one. nowadays , these multivitamins are very common. you can get this at any local drug store. this should ban in India .more or less, multivitamins used to be a food substitute.suppelements can be helpful if you have a good health condition. if you badly want multivitamins then, take pills every alternative month for better and longer life. vitamins or energy pills are not good for health if you are taking on a regular basis. I suggest you  run away from these things for a pleasure life.

for more information,  you can check our health and food segments. you can share your views in comments below. thank you.

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