6 Historical Predictions That Actually Came True

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Did you know that some historical predictions that actually came true? If you don’t then go through our lists.

1. Morgan Robertson predicted the titanic disaster.

Historical Predictions

In 1898 author Morgan Robertson published a novella titled ‘Futility of the Wreck of the Titan’. It told the story of a fictional ocean liner, ‘Titan’, which sinks in the North Atlantic Ocean after striking an iceberg. Sound familiar? I’m not surprised . 14years later the events of Morgan Robertson’s book mirrored.

2. H. G. Wells predicted the atomic bomb.

Historical Predictions

In 1914 the author of the ‘The Time Machine’ and ‘The War of the Worlds’ predicted atrocities that even at the height of the second world war. In his novel, he described a uranium-based hand grenade hat would continue to explode indefinitely. But he had no way of knowing that it would actually be possible to weaponize nuclear power in the future.

3. Nikola Tesla predicted Wi-Fi in 1901.

Historical Predictions

He is best known for the development of the modern electricity supply system. In 1909 interview with the New York Times, Tesla discussed his thoughts and predictions about the future technology. He said, ‘It would soon be possible to transmit wireless messages all over the world.

4. Robert Boyle predicted organ transplants in the 1660s.

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He was a phenomenally influential scientist, often known as the ‘father of modern chemistry’. In the 1660s he made a wish list for the future of science, explicitly noting in his journal that – in the future – medicine will see the cure of these by transplantation.

5. Edgar Cayce predicted the 1929 wall street crash.

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6. Jules Verne predicted the moon landing.

Historical Predictions

In 1865 he wrote a short science fiction story called ‘From the Earth to the Moon’, which described humankind making it’s first ever trip to the moon. And then you know the story of 1969, Neil Amstrong made it.

These are the list we found about historical predictions that actually came true. If we miss something please feel free to share with us in below comment. Thank you, readers.

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