7 Unexpected Things You Didn’t Know About Hillary Clinton

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So the 2016 presidential election has been full of controversy but although you might thinking I’m talking about Trump but I’m going to talk about Hillary Clinton. Yes, Hillary Clinton has also so many controversies not only for this election from so long actually. She has been involved in extremely many illegal things you may not even know it.

So today we are going to find out what exactly what those things are. So without waiting let’s start. Here are some shocking things you didn’t know about Hillary Clinton.

1. She may be very ill.

There has been a lot of controversies in media and access the internet about the real health of Hillary Clinton. There are multiple videos on youtube she was trying to give the speech in various rallies. Where she unable to speak due to a cough.

The report says that this 60 years old has pneumonia. But from her medical history, that may not be true. Hillary Clinton has multiple blood clots in her leg among other things that might be making her ill. She is hiding her illness way risky than pneumonia because she may not want to affect her election result.

2. She almost didn’t marry Bill.

Hillary Clinton

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Okay obvious Hillary Clinton and Bill has all kind of marriage issues in their life but most interesting that they almost didn’t get marry at all. It took more than 3 proposals to say Hillary yes to Bill.

He first proposes to her in a trip to London but she has declined and even after that multiple time he tried but he got the same answer. Finally, Bill has bought a house for Hillary then she said to come marry me because I can’t live in this house by myself. And finally, she said yes.

3. She was rejected by the marines.

In 1973 when she was just 26 years old Hillary tried to join in a marine. However, she was rejected. According to her story, they have rejected her because she was too old.

4. She hasn’t driven a car since 1996.

Okay, it’s very much important to know that many politicians for their security reasons the only secret service agent drive them around. Still, most of the politician still updated their driving license just in case they want to drive. Still, Hillary Clinton has not driven a car since decade almost from 1996. Is not it a long time.

5. She won a grammy award.

Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Clinton has achieved many things. She is a lawyer, a politician, and a grammy award winner. In 1997 at the 39th grammy awards she has won an award for the best spoken word or non-musical album “It Takes A Village”.

6. She talks to ghosts.

So most presidents admit to talking to God for their betterment. But Hillary claims that she has spoken with a ghost. She has said that she had a frequent conversation with Anna Eleanor Roosevelt while she was living in the white house. Anna Eleanor Roosevelt was the first lady herself from March 4, 1933, to April 12, 1945, and died in 1962. Now comes something more interesting she has not the only conversation with Anna Eleanor Roosevelt she also claims that she has also spoken with Mahatma Gandhi.

7. The email controversies.

Okay, many of you probably know about this but that who don’t allow me to explain. In earlier 2015 it was revealed that Hillary during her time as secretary of the state exclusively used family private email server to send an email. Okay, now you might be wondering what’s the big deal. It was just email.

Well, it is big deal because some oof those email contain highly classified material. She supposed to use the official email account for the security purposes. This was actually a big deal that FBI actually lost investigation into this scandal.

Revealing that 130 email contain information that considered as classified the time it was sent. Out of those email, 65 were secret and 22 were top secrets. As many believe that she was putting America’s national security at risk which she was.

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