5 Myths You Still Believe About High School

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We all attended High School and education is important for life. However, once you graduate you will quickly start to know that many of the things you learned in school actually really don’t apply in the real world. In fact, some of them are wrong. Now I will tell you all the myths you have been. Especially because many of you are still in school.

Here are 5 myths you still believe about school.

1. More homework is equal to the higher grade.

High School

This is going to give you smile who actually hates doing homework. The system teaches us doing so much of homework every night is the best and the only way to improve your grades. Well sorry to say that studies actually shows that the amount of homework a student is given actually equal to the amount of stress the student is under. While in some cases homework improves in grades. But studies says, in fact, no of countries achieve higher academic achievements without homework. Really it’s all about paying attention while in class and learning.

2. The friends you make in high school are friends for life.

Think about it all the friends you make in school super tie with you? Yeah maybe few of them. But the actual truth is you quickly start making new friends. Especially when your time goes more and more important and your personal goal change, speak to any adult only very lucky people have still had contacts with their childhood friends. And the same goes for the college friends too. Now this is not necessarily bad things as you grow up as a person and you attract to new people who share your new vision and all that better for your life. For example, you want to get a Ph.D. but your friend wants to be a musician.

3. The smaller the class the better the education.

High School

This myth is mostly well surprisingly believe it or not, in a series of studies by teachers and university graduates it was found that the no of a student in a standard classroom had no effect on the score of their test. Now to be fair in some places classrooms are well over capacity which can hurt student achievements but in general, the biggest factor is the teacher teaching quality and the presentation of the teacher. And another thing a teacher should be a fun one not a rough teacher with the bold voice.

4. School’s education comes mostly from school.

Most of us think that teachers and our school taught us the majority of we know. But that’s not the case actually. Research shows less than 30% of a student success academically is a tribute to what teachers taught them in school. It is actually external factor such as social status, the neighborhood that the student lives in and quality of both physically and physiologically in their home environment. But that doesn’t mean teachers have no role, they do, because I don’t want some teachers just come here and say “what did you just say”. Kidding.

5. High school years are the best years of your life.

As someone graduates from a university with a master degree and lived in the real world, I promise you that your high school years are not the best days of your life. Alright why this might be true because you grow the most, learned the most and meet the most interesting people when you leave high school. So if you had a bad experience in your high school then I promise you have a lot more things waiting for graduation.

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