Top Six Haunted Places in India You Won’t Dare to Go Alone

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If you think you are strong enough or never believed in ghost then you must visit these haunted places once in your life. To experience the best. Here is the list of six most haunted places in India.


Haunted Places

You probably have heard about Bhangarh in movies and all. The ghost town of Bhangarh is actually the most uncanny or you can say the mysterious place you have ever been. This town located near a deep forest. Bhangarh alluring visitors from around the world for all the bad reasons.

You are not allowed at all to visit this town after sunset. This place becomes very dangerous after sun gone down. So it’s an advice not to go after sunset and leave the place before sunset for your safe side.

The story of this town is very popular so as this place. Starts with a magician who fell in love with the local princess of that area. Well, their match was intolerable still, that magician wants princess in his life. The magician decided to cast spell on her to make her concede to him. But, the princess had already known the plans and found the way to kill him. Before his death, the bad magician did some black magic on the palace which caused its destruction.

Though Bhangarh the most haunted place in India it has declared as a tourist spot. You can so many featured videos on Bhangarh. In fact, you can find a movie on Bhangarh.

Dsouza Chawl Mumbai

Haunted Places

It is one the scariest place in Mumbai. There is a well inside this Chawl area. Women fell into the well and crying for help and finally, she died. After this incident, most of the people have seen women lurking around the well and nearby the Chawl.

Dumas Beach

Haunted Places

The beach located in Gujarat. It goes along the Arabian sea. This beach is popular for its black sands and mysterious activities. It’s also called dead sea. earlier it was a burning ghat. Since then to now people heard weird and scary activities. Most of the tourists and morning walkers have seen and felt weird and suspicious things. People have died in this beach by investigating the mystery behind the beauty. That has found that people disappears and never found again. If you have a very brave heart and you love paranormal activities then you can give it a shot to this place but only if you have a partner. Don’t go alone to this place.

Sanjay Gandhi International park, Mumbai

Haunted Places

Though Sanjay Gandhi national park situated in the middle of Mumbai but still this place haunted. Many people have witnessed about the scariest activities. People even saw a lady wanderer dressed in the white sari and asking for a ride. If you ever think to go and find out the story behind it. I will suggest you better to take a step back. It’s better to avoid few things. The security guards who work in the national park confirm that ghosts actually exist there. That is why this place is bit uncanny.

The mansion, Residency Road, Pune

Haunted Places

This old and unmaintained shabby place are one of the scariest places in India. There are some local stories based on this haunted house. Locality says that this house possessed by an evil lady. Uncanny sounds, ghostly activities, and mysterious screams are often heard at late night. The local people banned the place and advice not to go nearby the house. You might take it as a challenge but my dear life is precious.

Delhi Cantonment Area

Haunted Places

Well, this is probably the most mysterious area in India. You must have heard different stories about this place as per the news and stories, a lady ghost has seen for many years in the cantonment area. The lady killed in a car accident. Many people have visited and felt her mysterious activities.

So before you jump to any conclusion and start searching these places in google, I must say you to not to take any chance with your life. Be scared and be safe. Thank you.

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