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Group Discussion(GD):

A group discussion is a method used by an organization to judge whether the candidate has that personality traits and skills that it desires in its members. It is an open debate to discuss and express your views about an issue in a logical manner.

In a group discussion, participants judged on some basic factors like content, communication skills, behavior, leadership skills, body language and your presentation while speaking.

Apart from these factors we have to take care of some basics while we are participating in a group discussion.

Important points that should keep in mind when you are in a group discussion.

  • Stay prepared with a few seconds introduction which will include your name, the place you belong to, the name of your college etc.
  • Always carry a notepad and a pen to note down the points. This will help you to memorize your points and you may ask to summarize the discussion.
  • Never look at the moderator. Look at the group members while discussing your point. During GD the moderator ceases to exist.
  • Start the discussion if you have some good important point and that will add value to the topic. Don’t just start to get attention.
  • Never repeat a point already said. If someone says the point you thought to say immediately change your point. The person who says a new point gets marks for it.
  • Be pinpointed. Come to the main idea once you start. You may interrupt if you say long sentences and someone else may come to the topic directly interrupting you.
  • Speak at least 4- 5 times in a GD of 20-25 minutes .
  • Never try to prove any participant wrong. Speak up your point on the topic and go on.
  • Stay calm and composed. Never get aggressive or get disappointed.
  • Discuss pros and cons about the topic. You are not supposed to take sides.
  • Maintain eye contact with the group.
  • If the situation gets worse, try to confront the situation which will show your leadership skills.

Leave no stone unturned, get yourself shortlisted following these simple GD rules. Leave your experience in below comments.

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