3 Main Causes of Blurry Pictures | How to Fix Blurry Pictures

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Every photographer’s nightmare is blurry pictures. No matter how good you are at taking pictures or how much effort you have put to capture the perfect moment, a blurred picture can spoil your mood and demotivate you.

There are lots of cause for blurry pictures but here we share the 3 main causes of blurry pictures that you need watch out next time when you take pictures. Let’s have a look the causes and how to fix blurry pictures.

Focus Issues

Fix Blurry Pictures

People face the common cause of blurry pictures because they aren’t precise with their focus. The most common are that the photographer fails to focus the camera, either due to a simple error on the photographer’s part or auto-focus mode choosing the wrong part of the picture. The problem is that photographers are not as exact in their focusing as they should be.

While clicking make sure that what the lens is focusing on and what you want to be the focal point for your photograph. Keep adjusting the focus until you get the sharp image the way you want it. If you have enough auto-focus points in your camera, move the focus point around to match your frame the way you have imagined.

Motion Blur

Fix Blurry Pictures

Capturing a moving object is a challenging task. Motion blur will be specific by having the clear focus on the motionless objects in the frame but as a blurred object.

Motion blur is easy. If your motion pictures are turning out blurry, then try adjusting too slow of a shutter speed for the movement in a frame. This will make the difference and allow you to capture fast-moving objects without blur. Faster shutter speed requires more light so if you’re planning on capturing fast-paced action, 1/1000 is generally enough to freeze the motion.

Camera Shake

Fix Blurry Pictures

The shaky camera is another cause of blurry pictures. If the camera was moved when the image was clicked, the picture turns out to be a blurry one.
When the photographer uses too slow of a shutter speed the natural shaking of hands causes blur in the photo.
However, you can avoid camera blur by using a fast shutter speed and supporting your arms on an object while clicking. You can use a tripod if you trying to click in low shutter speed.

Hope next time you follow these basic tips and fix blurry pictures error. Enjoy photography and do let us know your experience about it in below comments.  Thank you. 🙂

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Fix Blurry Pictures

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