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Today I’m going to give you some tips about fitness and diet. More on the diet because it is most important. You need to be motivated about what yu are doing. Because fitness is all about how much you are trying. Always keep yourself motivated and be positive. Which would helpful for getting a better result? Here are the fitness and diet tips for a healthy life.


fitness and diet

You need 70 % diet and 30% fitness to maintain a healthy body. For that, you need to eat healthy food. Try to prepare food by yourself as much as you can. It is always better than restaurant or street food.


fitness and diet

I guess you already know water is very much important. You drink water just not to get hydrated, it can help your face glow, feel fresh and energetic.

When to Eat

Eating 3 big meals in every 6 hours never going to help you. Never get yourself hungry. Try to eat 5 small meals. Which helps stop starving and in the diet too. Remember you must eat healthy stuff. Eating fast food in every 3 hours is not going to help you.

Street food

fitness and diet

Sometimes eating out is fine. Since last two and half years I workout regularly. But I’m not saying I never eat fast food or burger or oil food. I do but the fact is how you are dedicated to your workout and how you can maintain your diet. Again try to prepare food yourself. That is always a better option than restaurant food.

Finally, I’m not saying you must be thin to get healthy. If you love your body how it is then that is just awesome. Be yourself always. My point is here just to motivate you how you can get healthier and fit. Do check our other health and fitness tips. Thank you.

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