Fascinating Facts About APPLE Inc. You Probably Don’t Know

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American multinational technology company, Apple Inc., the manufacturers of iPhone, iPad, iPod, MAC PC, Apple Watch and Apple TV digital media player are one of the top most companies in the world. Reaching this height was not at all smooth run for the company as it had equal shares of ups and downs.

Here we bring you some of the interesting and amazing unknown facts about Apple Inc. which will definitely raise your eyebrows.

Apple Inc.

  1. Apple Inc. founded by Steve Jobs,Steven Gary Wozniak and Ronald Gerald Wayne on April 1st or April Fool’s Day in 1976 at Cupertino, California, USA.

  2. It is named after the fruit “Apple” because Steve Jobs was in only fruit diet when the company formed and he just liked apples.

  3. Steve Jobs had to sell his Volkswagen car to raise capital for their company.

  4. Apple incorporated on January 3rd, 1977 and it’s the first logo designed by Ronald Wayne who later on sold his share for $800 to other two co-founders.

  5. At first, it called Apple Computer,Inc. but after 30 years, on January 2007, it renamed as Apple Inc. to focus on consumer electronics market.

  6. Apple’s first computer, the Apple 1, did not include a monitor, keyboard or cabinet and it priced at $666.66 which was double the cost of its manufacture.

  7. In 1985, Jobs quit Apple following a meeting when he tried to expel John Sculley, the then CEO of Apple, but the board voted to remove Jobs from all of his responsibilities.

  8. Steve Jobs started his new company “NeXT” which introduced NeXT computer in 1988 and NeXTstation in 1990.

  9. Due to reducing in sales of Apple computers, Apple tried to make digital cameras,video game consoles, and even clothes.

  10. Jobs rejoined Apple as CEO in 1997 when the company was in extremely bad state and a $150 million investment from Microsoft really helped the company from bankruptcy .

  11. Apple made a revolution in mobile and computer industry which helped them make their revenues double the amount of money in US treasury in 2001.

  12. It’s products starts with the letter “ i ” because “i” stands for the internet, innovation, and individuality.

  13. Cathay Pacific’s biggest freight customer is Apple as the company ships all of it’s products by air.

  14. Your warranty will be void if you smoke near your Apple computer. Apple would not require an employee to repair anything that has dangers of second-hand smoke.

  15. Retina displays for Apple products designed by Samsung.

If you have some more exciting facts which you know please do let us know.
Love Apple and eat Apples.

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