Find Out Hidden Meaning of Famous Logos

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You must have tried to outline your own company’s logo or the design you like the most. It may be due to our artist that lies within us or visualise how it designed. But we hardly wonder how all those big companies get their famous logos and why it designed such. There is definitely some reason or some unknown facts about how these famous logos originated.

Here we bring you the hidden meaning of some of the famous logos. Check for your desired company too.


Famous Logos
Photo Credit: @ midiman

It got its name from the current Adobe Creek which flowed behind the house of its co-founder John Warnock. The initial letter of its name ‘A’ is its logo.

2. Baskin Robbins:

Famous Logos
Photo Credit: @ Dave Dugdale

The most loved ice cream brand has its logo in such a style that 31 is in pink colour within the initials ‘B’ and ‘R’ which mark the 31 different flavours the company offers.

3. Gillette:

Famous Logos
Photo Credit: @ Phil Manker

The normal looking logo has something to say about its razors. ‘G’ and ‘I’ have cut sharply which shows the sharpness of its razors.

4. Nike:

Famous Logos
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It named for the Greek Goddess of victory. The logo called “Nike Swoosh “ which symbolises Goddess ‘s flight.

5. Pepsi:

Famous Logos
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Its original logo the red script on white background. Its logo changed time to time and the present one is a bottle cap in a circular fashion with red and blue coloured stripes and white in the middle over it. The name Pepsi came from the digestive enzyme ‘Pepsin’.

6. VAIO:

Famous Logos
Photo Credit: @ Yu-Hsin Ho (BobbyHo)

The ‘V’ and ‘A’ designed such to look like an analogue signal and ‘I’ ‘O’ represents the numbers 1 and 0 of the digital signal.

7. Unilever:

Famous Logos
Photo Credit: @ Sean Biehle

The simple ‘U’ has some random images within it which symbolise the vast diverse products of Unilever’s business.

8. Sun Microsystems:

Famous Logos
Photo Credit: @ thetaxhaven

A computer shaped logo made up of U’s and N’s that make an ‘S’ when they were seen together. A complete ‘SUN’ can  read from any side we look at it.

9. Formula 1:

Famous Logos
Photo Credit: @ Graham Smith

It is popularly known as F1 .The initial ‘F’ in black signifies Formula and the red pattern indicates speed. We wonder where is the 1 then ? It’s right in between them . The white space in between black and red colour denote 1.

10. Adidas:

Famous Logos
Photo Credit: @ mahmoud kabiry

It named after its founder Adi Dassler .The 3 stripes from a mountain which indicates the aims and goals that lie ahead of an athlete and the efforts one must put to achieve them.

11. Linux:

Famous Logos
Photo Credit: @ Andrés Álvarez Iglesias

Its logo is a penguin character named “Tux”. It represents Linux because a penguin symbolises quickness, force, and idea. It comprised of black ,yellow and white colours which stand for happiness , intelligence and enthusiasm.

12. Nokia:

Famous Logos
Photo Credit:

The most simple and unique logo of all times. Two people shaking their hands which indicate the company’s idea to bring people together and the tagline “Connecting People “ says it all.

Now you know the hidden facts behind some of these famous logos. Do try to crack the code yourself of some more companies and let us know.

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