5 basic tips to design an effective business card

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A strong prospective business card presents authenticity to your business and can make you reach out from the competitors. Here are 5 basic tips to design an effective business card that will give you the edge over your competitors and make your business reach soaring heights.

1. Customize your card:

People get a lot of cards every day. Some of those are usually given a glance and kept aside. So customize your card properly so that it stands out in a pile. Try to make it attractive yet simple and eye-catching so that it turns out to be an effective business card. Design it according to the likes of your target clients.

2. Use both sides:

Whenever we get a card we flip it over to check if something is there at the back or not. So it’s a must to add something at the back. Similarly while designing your card you should not waste the back of the card. You can add your social media details, portfolios or the range of services provided. It doubles the impact of your card .

3. Use good quality card:

As people flip over the card, they also notice the quality of the paper used. Use a good quality of extra thick card so that it seems more professional. Also take care about the paper finish and color used to print it. Use cool or warm colors that perfectly represents your business. Using appropriate colors can make your card more elegant and effective.

4. Keep it simple and professional:

Use proper font so that the details are clearly readable. Include your name, business name, contact number, fax number, email id and website name(if any). Position them effectively so that the writings don’t get messed up. Use all the information accurately and never scratch out the wrongly printed data, it creates a bad impression and implies that you are not professional.

5. Use permanent messages:

A business card is a permanent statement because people usually keep it with them for a long time. Use the information that is relevant and permanent to your business. Avoid using slogans, gimmicks or short-term promotions that are likely to change in future. Once it changes, your card becomes obsolete.

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