Unknown Facts About Cristiano Ronaldo

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First time ever a guy from a team sport has become the world’s richest sports person and he is none other than Portugal’s and Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

Whether you love football or not, you cannot simply ignore this guy. His looks, attitude, and personality make him completely different and unique from others. He is a true class. One of the most loved and greatest football stars of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo is a delight to watch on the field with his dribbling skills and sportsmanship.

The most talked about the star is an open book to fans but still has some amazing facts you might be missing. So check this out !!!

CAUTIONARY WARNING : You might end up being his fan after reading this.

1. Born on 5th February 1985, he is the youngest child of his parents.

2. Named by his father after former US president and actor Ronald Reagan whom his father admired the most. Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro is his full name.

3. He once hit his teacher with a chair when he was just 11 years old because the teacher made fun of his accent.

4. Had a heart surgery due to a “Racing heart” condition when he was just 15 years old. This could not stop him as he again continued his affair with football.

5. As a kid, even he was a delight to watch. His skills amazed his coach and his teammates termed him as a “special kid”.


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  1. During gym sessions, he used to train with weights on his feet and dribble with the ball. He knew he can be faster training with weights. He even won against professional sprinter Angel David Rodriguez.

  2. He first came into the eyes of Sir Alex Ferguson. He decided to sign him for his former team Manchester United at half-time during a match when Ronaldo was playing for Sporting Lisbon.

  3. He attains a height of 44 cm when he jumps, which is around 7 cm more than the height an average basketball player reaches.

  4. His freekicks are deadly too, which reads 130 kilometers per hour which are 3-4 times faster than a space rocket at blastoff.

  5. He has no bad habits of smoking and drinking. His father expired due to alcoholism that’s why he stays away from it.

  6. Tattoos are a fashion these days. But he has never tried one on his body because he donates blood more often and he doesn’t want to interrupt this.

  7. He is the only player to record five 50 goals seasons. Only a few players have multiple 50 goals season ever.


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13. His body fat is around 10% . Can you believe it ? This helps in running faster and he sprints about 900 times more in the season than an Olympic sprinter.

14. He is very kind hearted and generous. He has donated most of his prize monies and salaries for cancer treatment of children. He hardly says NO for an autograph or for a picture as he says I was once a football fan and I know how it feels.

15. A Canadian university offers a sociology course about this legend.

16. The star not only focuses on the field but also off field with his looks and get up. He has his own clothing brand named CR7.

17. He has his own museum named “Museu CR7” too full of trophies and his 3.4 meters high bronze statue in his home island Madeira.

18. Nearby this museum there will be a “CR7” hotel dedicated to him whose brand ambassador will be the star himself.

Love you ❤️❤️❤️

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So a new fan added to his fan list. Isn’t it ???

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