5 Common Airplane MYTHS You Still Believe

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Okay if you are a frequent flyer then I need to tell you that you may have these ideas before. Still, there are many useful tips I’m going to tell about. Like if you crash you can indeed survive. Flying is incredibly common in fact there is 35 to 40 million flight scheduled every year. But still, there are so many airplane myths. Well, now I’m going to tell you some common airplane myths.

Surviving a plane crash is rare.

Airplane MYTHS

Despite all of the safety protocols so the plane always double check and pilots go through before they take off and the numbers that say it is very rare. Plane do crash on occasion and when they do they obviously bring people with them. Now despite all the survivors on the lost people truly believe is the plane going down then people pretty much sure about die. Well, now I’m happy to tell you that it is actually not true. According to the national transportation safety board over 95% of people involved in airline accident between the years 1983 to 2000 survives. That is really good news for you all frequent flyers.

Toilets on planes are dangerous.

Don’t flush while sitting down. Have you ever done that one on a plane before? Well if you haven’t then, believe me, it is quite common as to believe the person who does will stuck. The pressure somehow pulling on your bottom end. Well, the truth is if you can manage to perform a perfect seal on the vacuum toilet then you will feel that pressure. However, as many toilet sitter will tell you there is no trouble at all. Even some people thought that human waste that flushes down from the toilet are dumped freely in the mid-air, which I promise the biggest myth. According to the report, it is quite an impossible for the pilot to dump a waste tank in the air.

Oxygen masks do nothing except calm passengers

Airplane MYTHS

In the event of an emergency during the flight oxygen masks will fall. We all have heard that a ton of times but according to many people air coming through that mask actually does nothing but make flyers think that they are going to okay. But according to the report, this is a complete myth. The air coming from the mask is actually oxygen rich and we can smoothly breathe altitude above the ten thousand feet. The higher the altitude is the less oxygen in the air. So that mask actually works fine.

Co-Pilots are just beginners

Airplane MYTHS

This myth is really annoying for the co-pilots as a large no of people believe that the co-pilots are just the beginners. And they are just learning how to be a real pilot. The fact is there is always at least two pilots in the cockpit in any commercial flight and both are fully capable of operating aircraft. The co-pilot or the 1st officers are actually just as involved in flying the plane as the captain is. This is because the captain is the primary person to operate the radio, run check list and communicate with the cabin crew. Whoever thinks this myth is correct then let me tell you again the co-pilots are actually flying the plane as same as the captain does.

Opening an emergency door in the flight is a big concern

Strangely and sadly it is not common to hear that people are freaking out at the mid air and trying to open the door. It is so common that people see it very much concern. But the actual truth is opening the emergency door while a plane is in mid-air is not that easy as you think, not even close. With the cabin pressure which will take a large hydraulic jack or a superman to literally open one of the doors. And that is not just about the pressure but also it is electronic locked that activated before takeoff. So anyone ever stands up and shout like “let me out…..” “, let me out…..”, “let me out…..”. Dude, you are just crazy you really can’t do anything. 🙂

Hope these all above airplane myths you found fascinating and relaxing and next time you catch a flight with a free smile. You may also want to check our travel section.

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