Unknown Facts Coca-Cola’s Secret Recipe

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The most recognized soft drink around the world is Coca-Cola. Wherever you may go, you can easily get your favorite drink. But there are a lot of unknown facts besides it’s secret recipe.

So check out these cool yet crazy facts about Coca -Cola:

1. Coca -Cola was invented by a pharmacist named John S. Pemberton from Atlanta in the year 1886.

2. It’s logo was created by Frank Mason Robinson and the font in which written is known as “Spencerian script”.

3. Coca-Cola is the 2nd most recognized word in the world, after ‘OK’ .

4. The drink was originally green and would be the same if coloring were not added.

5. The company claims only two people alive know its recipe and they are not allowed to travel on the same plane due the risk of plane crashing.

6. Coca-Cola neither contains coca nor cola.

7. North Korea and Cuba are the only two countries in the world that do not sell Coca – Cola.

8. Coca -Cola could sell only 25 bottles in the first year of operation but it continued its production and rest is history.

9. Once 3 of its employees tried to sell the secret formula of Coca-Cola to Pepsi , but Pepsi immediately informed the Coca -Cola management and FBI .

10. Since 1928, Coca-Cola is the serving partner of Olympic Games.

11. In 1931,Haddon Sunblom created the Coca -Cola Santa Claus that appeared in the advertisements ,is still the modern day image of Santa Claus.

12. In 1985, Coca- Cola became the first ever soft drink to go to space.

13. Coca-Cola has a pH level of around 2.53 , which can easily remove tough stains from clothes.

Hope you find these facts interesting. If you know some hidden secret about this big brand and let us know in below comments.

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