Guitar For Complete Beginner: Choose The Best Guitar For You

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It is always tough when you are buying a thing for the first time. You just take the shopkeeper’s or your friend’s advice to buy that thing. But when it comes to buying the best guitar you just cannot simply get one on someone’s choice or advice. You need to look at several factors to choose the best one.

Select the best guitar which is fully inspected and that is easy to play. If you are a beginner, then you should go for an acoustic guitar. Just blindly following your favorite guitarist or a professional guitar player you may end up buying an electric guitar. But you need to be skilled enough to play an electric guitar. The sound you hear in videos or music CD use effect boxes and record in studios, which you cannot really get access to. Moreover, an electric guitar needs to be very good quality and a good amplifier required to sound good.

If you really want to play guitar and feel interested in playing it then try playing some in shops or at your friend’s house to get an idea about the types of guitars and the one you feel more comfortable.

Here are some features you must check out

The first criteria you need to see is it’s size. You need to hold it properly. Your arm shouldn’t be on par with your shoulders else it will make you uncomfortable and it will be very painful which will prevent you to move your fingers properly on the fingerboard.

Check for the sound quality. The tone accuracy, intonation, and tone production are some of the basic sound check criteria. Carefully notice these things before making the final choice.

Don’t fall in brand name trap. A branded guitar doesn’t always guarantee the best guitar. They usually spend more money on marketing and advertising rather than making a good acoustic guitar. They design it more perfectly for a professional guitar and use marketing strategy to make it more renowned.

Looks matters too. Not just sound and ease of handling, a guitar with an eye-catching color and a gorgeous finish can motivate you to play and can make you handle your instrument with utmost care and love.

Then you can go for a case and strap for your instrument. Buying the best guitar is as tough as playing it, for an amateur. It requires a great deal of considerations to choose the right one.

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