10 Bizarre Things You Shouldn’t Do In These Countries

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Different countries have different customs. You cannot simply impose your country’s practices where they don’t belong. Here are some traditions of some countries which you should follow if you happen to visit their country or their people. strange

1. FRANCE : Never talk about money.


This regarded as the bad manner and you should ashamed of it if you ask about money. Flaunting money degrades your social status as well.

2. JAPAN : You should not leave tips.

Things You Shouldn't Do In These Countries

It regarded as an insult to tip. They wonder how to pay taxes on it.
Waiters may return you back the tip assuming you have forgotten to take the change back.

3. SINGAPORE : Don’t connect to another person’s wifi.

Things You Shouldn't Do In These Countries

You cannot connect to some other person’s wifi , it is banned according to Singapore’s Cybersecurity law.If you connect, it will be considered as hacking and you may be jailed for 3 years or you will be imposed a fine of $10000 or maybe both.

4. CHINA : Never give clock or umbrella as a gift.

Things You Shouldn't Do In These Countries

The term for “giving a clock” is “songzhong” which means sending to final rest or attending funeral ceremony.
Similarly, for an umbrella, it is “songsan” which means to separate or breaking up.
So both the gifts are not to be gifted to your closed ones.

5. CHILE : Don’t eat with your hands.

Things You Shouldn't Do In These Countries

Cutlery’s only affair is with eating. The food here eaten with a knife and a fork. You cannot
even have fries without cutlery.

6. RUSSIA : Never mix anything in Vodka.

Things You Shouldn't Do In These Countries

You can’t even add ice in Vodka. Adding anything to it pollutes the purity of the drink. They drink it neatly. And you should not turn down if someone offers you a drink because it signifies trust and friendship.

7. HUNGARY : Never clink glasses.

Things You Shouldn't Do In These Countries

Austrians celebrated the execution of top Hungarian generals in 1849 revolution by drinking beer and clinking glasses. Since then no one clinks glasses in Hungary. You just need to make eye contact with other person and say “Egészségedre” which means “Cheers”.

8. NORWAY : Never ask to go to Church.

Things You Shouldn't Do In These Countries

Most people don’t visit the church. Most of them visit when they get married, baptized or in funerals. Asking them about when they visited the church regarded as invasive and rude.

9. UKRAINE : Don’t give an even number of flowers.

Things You Shouldn't Do In These Countries

Gifting flowers in even numbers are considered to be rude as even number flowers are used at funerals. Some even avoid yellow flowers as they think those flowers used in funerals.

10. PHILIPPINES : Avoid firm handshake.


Usually, a firm handshake is a good thing in most of the countries. But in the Philippines, it is regarded as aggressive. Perhaps they don’t want to hurt their hand when meeting a stranger.

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