6 MYTHS You Still Believe About Alcohol!

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Whether you agree or not but alcohol is a big part of our society. Many of us enjoy and others not so much. But with this popularity, a lot of misunderstandings and false things spread around about alcohol. So now I’m going to tell you all common myths that you believe about alcohol. And I’m going to explain the truth behind that. Also, these will helpful for you from the hangover to why you drink too much. We are going to cover it up.

1. Painkiller before drinking prevents Hangovers.

Alcohol MYTHS

For as long as there has been hangover there have been false hangover cures. This first one claims that taking a painkiller like aspirin before a heavy drinking it would reduce or prevent that hangover feeling that you are going to get next morning. No… Nooo!! No matter how weak they seem no painkiller should ever be taken when they are not needed. Drugs are bad. Basically, these painkillers actually work 3 to 4 hours then how do you even think to take these before drinking going to stay for next morning. Also, these painkillers can harm your inner organs if you take them with drinks or before drinks. So I would suggest not to try this even.

2. Eating before bed will prevent Hangovers

Alcohol MYTHS

Speaking to prevent the hangover after a night of drinking many people have late night snacks. Just like pizza burger or something like that. This is because you think this prevents the hangover. Sadly this is also a myth. The alcohol you consumed that has taken long before late night snacks. So I would suggest you eat before you drink.

3. High tolerance means it takes more to drunk.

Alcohol MYTHS

We all have that friend or family member, you know exactly whom I’m talking about. “Bro I can drink more than you, bro. ” So the one who claims that he can drink more than anyone else. So is there any truth in this? Ans is no it is not. Tolerance towards alcohol does exist but it doesn’t change the amount you take to get drunk.

4. Mixing energy drinks with alcohol make you drunk faster.

Alcohol MYTHS

It’s becoming more and more popular for people to order one energy drink with their alcohol. In fact, there is some energy drink you can buy in store with alcohol mixed with them. Basically, it doesn’t change the amount you drink.

5. Dark beer is stronger than light beer.

Alcohol MYTHS

Since dark beer looks thicker and obviously it is darker, it commonly believes that they also come with the larger amount of calories more carbs and higher alcohol content. However, unless the quantity of the alcohol added to the label of the bottle. A darker beer doesn;t mean a stronger beer. In fact, some of the times this darker beer have less alcohol than the light color beer.

6. One drink an hour will not get you drunk.

Alcohol MYTHS

It’s a very common belief that limiting yourself from a single drink in every 60 minutes will translate you to legally drive and can be okay. But this is a very dangerous myth. According to doctors the average rate of alcohol metabolism 100miligram per kilogram of body weight per hour. This means that 320-pound man could consume 14 grams of alcohol which is the standard amount in a beer and metabolized in a 60 minutes period. But it also means that if you are not 320 pounds then you must think about this myth.

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