List of 10 Countries That Have Banned YouTube

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Yes as a YouTube lover I can’t even imagine how the world would be without it. Still, some countries banned YouTube. People in these countries are no way access to YouTube. So let’s have a look at the list of countries that banned YouTube and the reason behind it.??

1. Afganistan

It was for a short time. Between September 12, 2012, to December 1, 2012, YouTube banned in Afganistan. The reason was for the controversial film about Muhammad.

2. Bangladesh

YouTube banned two times in this country. First on march 2009 because of a meeting between PM and army officers posted on YouTube. It was about how their military handling in the border. Then it lifted on March 21. The second time it was again banned on September 17, 2012, because of promotional videos of the Innocence of Muslims. Again lifted the ban on June 5, 2013.

3. Brazil

YouTube was sued by one Brazilian model because of she and her boyfriend’s private video published. January 6, 2007, a legal injunction ordered that prevent users in Brazil from accessing the website.

4. China

I’m sure you are not surprised with the name. You must hear that China already blocked a lot of western websites. First blocked for several months from October 15, 2007, to March 22, 2008. Then it blocked from march 2014. Since it blocked in China.

5. Iran

Iran banned YouTube on December 3, 2006, because a video posted online that appears to show an Iranian soap opera star having sex. Then the block lifted on 2009. Then again YouTube was blocked on 2012 because of the video Innocence of Muslims. Since it was blocked in Iran.

6. Indonesia

Indonesian government allowed YouTube to remove a controversial video made by Dutch right-wing politician. Then on April 2008 blocked for two days and lifted the ban on April 10.

7. Libya

On January 2010 Libya permanently banned YouTube because of a video released about demonstrations in Libya. On November 2011 after Libyan Civil War YouTube was again live in Libya.

8. North Koria

As we all know North Koria’s law is very strict towards the internet. YouTube blocked in this country because of their country law only. Since April 2016 it was permanently blocked and if anyone tried to access then they will be subject to punishment.

9. United Arab Emirates

Actually, the ban lifted on August 2006, But all the videos having adult content and about religious still banned.

10. South Sudan

South Sudan banned YouTube because of controversy relating to Innocence of Muslims, same as so many Islamic countries we saw above.

Don’t you think we are just so lucky to have YouTube? I can never imagine a day without YouTube. Please share your views about this list of countries which have banned YouTube. Thank you, readers.

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